Boys Night Out

Some men and there are very few of these but some men have no wish to get absolutely wasted and messy at their bucks party, so instead they organise such things as paintball outings instead. Which seems to defeat the purpose a little, though they might actually wake up in the same state the next day and can make it to the wedding without all their eyebrows missing and a dim recollection of what actually went on. They will instead wake up with bruises all over the tender parts of their bodies, if they are smart they will have covered the essentials, such as face and pubic region but that night’s hanky panky is certainly going to be curtailed by which bits the bride can actually touch. You should go to this site for in-depth information about bucks party in Melbourne.

The moaning and groaning will not be from unbridled passion but more likely from the pain the groom is going through every time he sits down, because if there is one thing that is for certain, his very caring friends will have made sure to have tagged him on the butt as many times as possible and may have even held him down a time or two to make sure the pain was sufficiently painful the next day. There probably is even video footage and photographic evidence to prove how great a bunch of friends he really has. 

Yes this idea is definitely much better than getting your drink on, acting like a total tosser and making a slight tool of yourself, possibly throwing up a couple of times and ending up with your pants missing and on a bus to some isolated town in the middle of nowhere. Arriving late at the wedding, hung over, looking much worse for wear but by the time you get to the reception and have a few drinks you will probably be feeling much better and that night perform as a husband on his honeymoon should. Passed out and snoring down the roof, while your blushing bride glares at you and thinks up suitable punishments, in some distant future. She will after all want to enjoy her honeymoon, so guys when you wake up feeling slightly shamed and your lovely wife is nothing but sweetness and light do not be fooled. She is simply biding her time and waiting until all the honeymoon fun is over before getting revenge on you for the wedding night fiasco, the late arriving groom and the stench you provided whilst standing next to her in her beautiful dress.

If you think you are off the hook by turning up bruised and delicate think again, this day and the night are about the bride and her expectations, no matter how long you have been together. There had better be romance, some decent loving and a climactic ending, no matter if every inch of your body is one huge kaleidoscope of colours and patterns that all mean excruciating pain.